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The Memorial Archives is an international research platform for the victims of National Socialism. The database allows for the creation of clusters of data and documents, such as for a concentration camp prisoner, or for the reconstruction of transports between concentration camps. For cooperation partners it also functions as a platform for the administration of their own files and data. They can link their data to common databases. The database system is designed for the import of almost any type of data and offers the ability to link to any of these types: places, people, sources, archives, images, audio and video files. Editors are constantly improving the content, but every registered user of the online archive can contribute comments to improve the information.  

The Memorial Archives offers a multilingual user interface in 14 different languages. The foundation of the network is the digitized prisoner index of the SS Main Economic and Administrative Office (SS-Wirtschafts-Verwaltungshauptamtes (WVHA)), a project of the workshop “Digitization of Victim Data of the Nazi Period” (Digitalisierung von Opferdaten der NS-Zeit). This was the first international database project working on the personal data of concentration camp inmates, in which more than 30 institutions collaborated to decrypt victim names and clarify fates. The joint result from 2009 is an important component of this database.

The Memorial Archives runs on a server cluster on Linux Ubuntu and is based on the NoSQL databases MongoDB, NEO4j, and the full-text search engine Solr. All components are machine readable, open-sourced based, and royalty free.

The Memorial Archives is administered by:
Flossenbürg Concentration Camp Memorial
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