Victims (Name Variants)

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Name Variant Last Name First Name Patronymic Date of Birth Place of Birth
Alias Falisi __/__/______/__/____
Alias Klausenberger Gilda __/__/______/__/____
Alias Brixio __/__/______/__/____
Alias Innocenti Riccardo __/__/1909__/__/1909
Alias Kornaschenko Iwan __/__/______/__/____ Gebiet Smolensk
Alias Boidakow Sergej 10/25/191310/25/1913 Gebiet Smolensk
Alias Marcel __/__/______/__/____
Alias Deane __/__/______/__/____
Alias Achille __/__/______/__/____
Alias Bowden Harold __/__/______/__/____
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