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AGGB-Katalog http://www.aggb-katalog.de More than 400,000 catalogue records of some 50 libraries (mostly in Germany) dedicated to the history of National Socialism.The catalogue lists books, articles in journals / anthologies, brochures, microforms and electronic media on the topics of National Socialism, history of the Jews of Europe, anti-semitism, persecution and murder of European Jews and other victim groups, exile and resistance, dealing with the Nazi history after 1945, memorial and commemorative culture and related topics. A project of the Association of the Memorial Libraries (AGGB, existing since October 1998).
Staatliches Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau Auschwitz Prisoners http://auschwitz.org/en/museum/auschwitz-prisoners/ Information on more than 445,000 prisoners of and deportees to Auschwitz. Out of 1.3 million people more than 900,000 were not registered but killed immediately after their arrival. The great majority of the records were destroyed on orders from the SS
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek Catalogue of the German National Library https://portal.dnb.de/opac.htm?method=showOptions#top A total of roughly 30.8 million media units. All German and German-language publications from 1913, foreign publications about Germany, translations of German works, and the works of German-speaking emigrants published abroad between 1933 and 1945.
Forschungs- und Dokumentationszentrum für Kriegsverbrecherprozesse an der Philipps-Universität Marburg Dachau Trials https://www.uni-marburg.de/icwc/forschung/2weltkrieg/usadachau Names and trials of 1910 accused at the Dachau Trials and the associated Reviews and Recommendations of the Theater Judge Advocate
Museum Gross-Rosen Database of the dead http://en.gross-rosen.eu/baza-zmarlych-wiezniow/przegladaj-baze/ A list of nearly 9,400 people who died in the subcamp Gross-Rosen and in the concentration camp Gross-Rosen in the years 1940- 1945.
Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischen Widerstandes Datenbanken des DÖW http://www.doew.at/personensuche Mehr als 77.000 Personendaten (Shoah-Opfer, Gestapo-Opfer, Opfer politischer Verfolgung, Totenbuch Spiegelgrund), Biografien (erzählte Geschichte, Spanienarchiv online, Spurensuche), Fotos und Dokumente (1934 - 1938, 1938 - 1945)
Jüdisches Museum und Archiv Ungarn DEGOB - National Committee for Attending Deportees http://degob.org/index.php Personal stories of approximately 5000 Hungarian Holocaust survivors in 1945-1946. The complete (predominantly Hungarian) text and the scanned images of more than 3500 protocols can be found.
Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek https://www.deutsche-digitale-bibliothek.de Nearly 20 millions objects, including more than 7.5 millions with digitised media. Digitised collections and indexing information from cultural and scientific institutions such as libraries, archives, museums, monuments offices, media libraries, universities and other research organisations.The DDB simultaneously acts as a central national partner of Europeana.
Digital Book of Remembrance of the Ukraine 1941-1945 https://memory-book.ua/ Over 1 million namens, 1,669 military cemeteries
Gedenkstätte Buchenwald Digital book of the dead of Buchenwald concentration camp 1937-1945 http://totenbuch.buchenwald.de/recherche/index/reset/true Information about more than 38,000 victims of Buchenwald concentration camp - some with biographical information and photos
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