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Stiftung Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft Register of Places of Detention https://www.bundesarchiv.de/zwangsarbeit/haftstaetten/index.php?tab=3 3846 prisons, camps and labor battalions
Gedenkstätte Theresienstadt Terezín Memorial https://www.pamatnik-terezin.cz/database 13 databases to Czech victims and victims on Czech territory (Theresienstadt, Pankratz, Svatobořice, CC Ravensbrück, CC Mauthausen, CC Flossenbürg, Leitmeritz); older version: http://archive.pamatnik-terezin.cz/en/history-collection-research/jmenne-vyhledavace-byvalych-veznu-en?lang=en
Nuremberg Institute for Holocaust Studies Jewish DP camps and Communities in the US Zone http://www.after-the-shoah.org/ Information on all the Jewish DP (displaced persons) camps and communities in the US zone after 1945
Institut Theresienstädter Initiative, Jüdisches Museum Prag The holocaust.cz educational website https://www.holocaust.cz/en/database-of-victims/ Up to 80,000 names and fates of Jews deported from the Bohemian Lands and of the prisoners of the Terezín ghetto from other European countries, partly linked to a database of digitised archival documents
Association des Déportés et Familles de Disparus du Camp de Concentration de Flossenbürg & Kommandos Memorial of the Deportees - Deportees and missing from the Flossenbürg camp and its subcamps https://asso-flossenburg.com/le-memorial-des-deportes/ Search for French prisoners of Flossenbürg Concentration Camp: 6582 files on deportees
Osthaus Museum Hagen Germany - A Memorial http://www.deutschland-ein-denkmal.de/ded/database/startPage List of national socialist camps and detention sites 1933 - 1945: More than 3,600 sites, survey maps of the chronological development and maps of camps and detention sites ordered by categories.
EHRI - European Holocaust Research Infrastructure https://portal.ehri-project.eu/ More than 150,000 archival descriptions of Holocaust-related material of 465 institutions and an inventory of more than 1,800 archival institutions in more than 50 countries
Dokumentationszentrum Oberer Kuhberg e.V. - KZ-Gedenkstätte Online-Häftlingsdatenbank http://dzok.faust-iserver.de/ Namen und Lebensdaten von 345 sicher nachgewiesenen Häftlingen sowie Informationen zu ihrer Inhaftierung, den Haftgründen und den Quellen (viele mit einem Foto und Zusatzdokumenten, einige auch mit einer Biografie).
Jüdisches Museum Vilnius Online Database of Holocaust Victims in Lithuania http://www.holocaustnames.lt/EN/ Jewish communities of Lithuania at the face of Holocaust: More than 17,000 names of persons and organisations
Stiftung Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas Information Portal to Euopean Sites of Remembrance http://www.memorialmuseums.org/eng/pages/display/home Provides an insight into the diversity of European memorial culture by showing specific examples. Part of the exhibition of the Information Centre under the Field of Stelea of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin
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