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Dokumentationszentrum Oberer Kuhberg e.V. - KZ-Gedenkstätte Online-Häftlingsdatenbank http://dzok.faust-iserver.de/ Namen und Lebensdaten von 345 sicher nachgewiesenen Häftlingen sowie Informationen zu ihrer Inhaftierung, den Haftgründen und den Quellen (viele mit einem Foto und Zusatzdokumenten, einige auch mit einer Biografie).
KZ-Gedenkstätte Neuengamme Digital book of the dead of Neuengamme concentration camp 1940-1945 http://www.kz-gedenkstaette-neuengamme.de/geschichte/totenbuch/die-toten-1940-1945/ Names of 23,394 victims
Jüdisches Museum Vilnius Online Database of Holocaust Victims in Lithuania http://www.holocaustnames.lt/EN/ Jewish communities of Lithuania at the face of Holocaust: More than 17,000 names of persons and organisations
Institut Theresienstädter Initiative, Jüdisches Museum Prag The holocaust.cz educational website https://www.holocaust.cz/en/database-of-victims/ Up to 80,000 names and fates of Jews deported from the Bohemian Lands and of the prisoners of the Terezín ghetto from other European countries, partly linked to a database of digitised archival documents
University of Southern California Shoah Foundation Institute USC Shoah Foundation - Visual History Archive https://sfi.usc.edu/vha More than 53,000 video testimonies of survivors and witnesses of genocide in 63 countries and 39 languages. Nearly all of them are Holocaust testimonies, which are accessible in many locations. http://sfi.usc.edu/locator/full_access_sites
Stiftung Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas Information Portal to Euopean Sites of Remembrance http://www.memorialmuseums.org/eng/pages/display/home Provides an insight into the diversity of European memorial culture by showing specific examples. Part of the exhibition of the Information Centre under the Field of Stelea of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin
KZ-Gedenkstätte Flossenbürg Digital Book of the Dead of the Flossenbürg Concentration Camp 1938-1945 http://www.gedenkstaette-flossenbuerg.de/index.php?id=316&L=1 Names of more than 21,000 of the approximately 30,000 prisoners who perished in the Flossenbürg Concentration Camp and its subcamps in Bavaria, Bohemia and Saxony
Museum Gross-Rosen Database of the dead http://en.gross-rosen.eu/baza-zmarlych-wiezniow/przegladaj-baze/ A list of nearly 9,400 people who died in the subcamp Gross-Rosen and in the concentration camp Gross-Rosen in the years 1940- 1945.
Haus der Geschichte Baden-Württemberg Hotel Silber - The Offices of the Secret State Police http://www.geschichtsort-hotel-silber.de/das-netz-der-gestapo/ Interactive map of the Gestapo offices in the occupied Europe, in the German Reich, in Württemberg-Hohenzollern and Baden and in Stuttgart
Mauthausen Memorial, Verein für Gedenken und Geschichtsforschung in österreichischen KZ-Gedenkstätten Room of Names - Digital Memorial Book for the Dead of the Mauthausen Concentration Camp and its Subcamps http://www.gedenkstaetten.at/raum-der-namen/cms/index.php?L=1 Names of over 81,000 people who died between 8 August 1938 and 30 June 1945. More than 1,800 biographies.
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